Career Development | Winston-Salem, NC

Our group began by sharing stories of first jobs held, as well as favorite jobs held. The table quickly realized some key points, mainly:

  • ​M​any enjoyed the work because of the element of service;
  • ​Many enjoyed the challenge the work brought;
  • Many enjoyed the relationships they developed with both their work colleagues and the clientele.

​We began a group discussion about ​returning to the favorite employment at this point in their lives/careers, which led to the question of whether some members would be compelled to return to their favorite job after retirement? Two example​s​ ​that ​resonated with the group​ were examples of working at a deli and a movie theater. Both individuals enjoyed the work as well as the satisfaction they felt after serving customers. This led to a conversation about ​how people are the key to making a good job a great one.

The conversation concluded with all participants sharing what they took away from the conversation. Some clear themes emerged:

  • ​There was a better appreciation for work colleagues; listening to each other’s past experiences brought depth to the people we see every day.
  • ​There was a better appreciation for all aspects of a job – good and bad​.
  • ​Working together, as a team, creates a whole that is bigger than the parts.
  • People and our relationships with them can have an impact on all aspects of our lives​.

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