Honest, personal engagement has always been at the heart of the Wake Forest experience. When we openly share ideas and listen to one another, we see each other as human beings rather than as stances or opinions.

Call to Conversation is a program that facilitates intimate conversation. A C2C usually takes place over dinner and is led by a moderator or conversation leader.

When Wake Forest introduced a Call to Conversation to a national audience in 2018, the response was enthusiastic and overwhelming. So far, thousands of Wake Forest alumni, parents, students, faculty and staff have gathered around the table for this meaningful experience.

Genuine conversation is a gift everyone should enjoy, and we offer a variety of ways to participate.

How it works

Before attending a C2C, you will receive the topic as well as a discussion prompt that will get the conversation started. As the C2C begins, participants break the ice by going around the table and sharing their name and connection to Wake Forest. The moderator or conversation leader then guides participants through the conversation, which follows a three-part model:

1. Reveal: One-by-one, participants share a story in response to the discussion prompt.

2. Connect: The moderator or conversation leader invites the group to connect themes from each other’s examples:
What similarities did you notice?
What are you surprised wasn’t mentioned?
What questions came to mind as you listened?

3. Empower: A real sense of connection develops, and the moderator or conversation leader asks: What will you take away from this conversation and what will you do with it?
The evening closes with a group photo, which will be shared with participants via email. Everyone is encouraged to exchange contact information to continue building the relationships they started.