A Call to Conversation

A Call to Conversation is a national movement with one goal – to spark more meaningful conversation.

Face-to-face engagement remains a cornerstone of the Wake Forest experience.  While we are not currently scheduling Calls to Conversation on a regular basis, you may hear from us on occasion as C2C opportunities arise.  The Call to Conversation team continues to welcome your feedback and questions at c2c@nullwfu.edu.








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The traditional version of a Call to Conversation is a seated dinner in a private home, club or other venue chosen by the host. The hosting individual or couple agree to cover the cost of food, beverages and other event-related expenses. Wake Forest sends a moderator to staff the dinner, and the C2C team manages the guest list and registration.


Students, faculty and staff are invited to participate in C2Cs on and near campus. Campus Call to Conversation dinners are hosted and moderated by faculty, staff and administrators, and take place in venues around campus and in private homes located nearby. The campus C2C team manages the guest list and registration.


This less formal version of a Call to Conversation takes place in a restaurant, neighborhood bar, park or other public place, and attendees purchase their own food and beverages. In lieu of a host or moderator, a Wake Forester who lives in the area agrees to serve as the Conversation Leader. That individual chooses and reserves the venue and guides the conversation, and Wake Forest covers the cost of his or her food and drink. The C2C team manages the guest list and registration and partners with the Conversation Leader on event logistics.


This online version of a Call to Conversation facilitates “virtual” face-to-face engagement through remote video conferencing. Developed in response to COVID-19 social distancing guidelines, a Virtual C2C employs free, user-friendly Zoom technology to bring Wake Foresters together from their computers or mobile devices anywhere in the world. A Wake Forester volunteers to serve as Conversation Leader, and the C2C team manages the guest list and registration. Digital resources are available for the Virtual C2C Conversation Leader as well as participants.


Call to Conversation is a great way to build relationships in your neighborhood, family, club, school group, business or spiritual organization. To help you facilitate a C2C in your community, Wake Forest will provide you with digital resources like the Conversation Leader Guide, the Discussion Guide and suggested C2C Topics and Prompts. Let us know that you’d like to share the Call to Conversation experience with a group in your area.