A Call to Conversation

A Call to Conversation is a national movement with one goal – to spark more meaningful conversation.

The immediate impact of a Call to Conversation will be new relationships and a stronger community.
Long-term, a culture of conversation will be a recognized signature of the Wake Forest experience.

“Far exceeded my expectations. We had a diverse group that had such depth and willingness to share that added to the success.”

Mary Farrell (P’10) Trustee

“There was common respect for one another. Personal stories are what made it so special.”

Michael Smith (’89, P’21) Member, Wake Will Lead Council of Chairs

“A significant conversation that was affirming, celebratory and unifying.”

Jeanne Whitman Bobbitt (’79, MBA ’87) Trustee

“I learned far more than I thought I would about my table mates. Come, be open and participate fully.”

Mike Queen (’68, P’94) Trustee

“It is not a test, it is not an interview, and, most importantly, it is NOT an ask. I thought it was terrific!”

Alice Horton (P’95, P’98, P’01) Trustee




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