A Call to Conversation

A Call to Conversation is a national movement with one goal – to spark more meaningful conversation.

The immediate impact of a Call to Conversation will be new relationships and a stronger community among alumni, parents, faculty, staff and students. Long-term, a culture of conversation will be a recognized signature of the Wake Forest experience.

“Take a leap of faith, you will never forget it! Will change how you engage at dinner parties and cocktail hours forever… Or, will at least make you question how you engage and perhaps allow you to take more risks in regard to your own vulnerability and fear.”

Elizabeth Rovere O’Kelley (‘89), Alumna & C2C Host

“Far exceeded my expectations. We had a diverse group that had such depth and willingness to share that added to the success.”

Mary Farrell (P ’10) Trustee

“An intimate gathering with your fellow Deacs. Fascinating conversation with wonderful people embodying Wake’s mantra of Pro Humanitate. If you have an opportunity to go or host—do it. You will not regret it. Go Deacs!”

California Alumna & C2C Host

“There was common respect for one another. Personal stories are what made it so special.”

Michael Smith (’89, P ’21) Member, Wake Will Lead Council of Chairs

“Call to Conversation gave me an entirely new perspective on what it means to engage with others, embrace their opinions, and embody empathy. I could not speak more highly of my experience. It shook some of my beliefs and taught me that in the midst of our polarized society, our different political views, and our harsh biases, conversation is the cure.”

Ansley Rikard (‘19, MSM ‘20), Student

“C2C utterly shatters that typical Wake lifestyle mold and has allowed me to not just meet new people from parts of campus I rarely venture to, but think critically about the lives and experiences of others. Plus, the good (and free!) food doesn’t hurt either!”

Jack Beyrer (‘21), Student

“In a time where keeping quiet is something that does more harm than good, we need events like these to bridge what divides us.”

Franco Sto. Domingo (’20) Student

“Call to Conversation provided a platform to develop real relationships, create genuine discussion about topics that matter, and learn from others who share the Wake Forest bond but have different perspectives and opinions.”

Corey Pegram (‘13), Alumnus & C2C Host

“I learned far more than I thought I would about my table mates. Come, be open and participate fully.”

Mike Queen (’68, P ’94) Trustee

“A great opportunity to reconnect with Wake Forest family and take some time away from the daily chaos to stop and think about big things, and how to make some small changes to drive personal growth.”

Anonymous participant

“It is not a test, it is not an interview, and, most importantly, it is NOT an ask. I thought it was terrific!”

Alice Horton (P ’95, P ’98, P ’01) Trustee

“When you’re seated at a table over a meal, you already feel like a community. Being able to exchange ideas over a meal creates a relaxed, non-combative atmosphere. It’s a conversation and not a debate. A conversation can lead to friendship.”

Caroline Bryant (’21) Student

“Most of us didn’t know each other before our Call to Conversation. After two hours, we were exchanging numbers and saying, ‘Let’s do this again.’”

Dominic Peters (’21) Student




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