Call to Conversation

for the on-campus community

Have an appetite for authentic conversation with other members of our campus community? Students, faculty and staff are invited to register for a Campus Call to Conversation.


Voices of Conversation:

Our opportunity to highlight experiences, stories, and topics from past Campus C2C participants.

Meet Jack Beyrer


“I’ve been at Wake for two years now, and I can honestly say this is one of the most gripping experiences I’ve been a part of here! There’s sometimes a lack of engagement across difference in the Wake Forest community, and all of us, to at least some extent, like to stick within our niches and friend groups. C2C utterly shatters that typical Wake lifestyle mold and has allowed me to not just meet new people from parts of campus I rarely venture to, but think critically about the lives and experiences of others. Plus, the good (and free!) food doesn’t hurt either!”


Meet Edna Ulysse

“I used to be so nervous to speak to people, but I would always be curious to hear and understand who they are. Nowadays, I just read about people and learn about them through social media. Coming to Wake Forest and being introduced to Call to Conversations helped me understand the power of conversation and speaking with others. Being at a table with people ranging from undergrad students, grad students, to Wake professors. Everyone’s story and experience are worth hearing and talking about.”


Meet Bam Purcell

Student Bam Purcell

“Walking across the lower quad toward Reynolda Hall, I felt myself starting to sweat, even though it was a particularly cool evening in late October. I was wearing a thick navy blazer over a red dress. It was an outfit that I had finally settled on after spending thirty minutes trying on variations of “business casual.” As I approached the Magnolia Room, I realized that I wasn’t sweating from the heat. My heart had started to thump a little faster when I said my name at the check-in table, and I realized that I was feeling nervous about this event. After finally starting to settle into Wake Forest, it felt like I was walking into another freshman orientation event all over again. What was I getting myself into? Suddenly hyper-aware of how I presented myself, I settled into my seat and waited for dinner to start. However, all my worries quickly floated away. As soon as the first person at the table started sharing their story, I completely lost track of the rest of the world. I remember feeling connected to the other six individuals at my table as I absorbed all that they had to say. Whenever I spoke, everyone stopped and listened. I felt heard. As a freshman, I had been seeking ways to feel like I belong and to make Wake feel a bit more like home. That dinner, that conversation was an experience that did this for me.”

If the current conversations do not work with your schedule, please complete the interest form. We will notify you as new conversations are scheduled.