Discernment & Callings | Winston-Salem, NC

We heard some great stories in our group. We heard about neighbors, Girl Scout leaders, mentors, pastors and sisters.  Here are some memorable quotes about those who we saw as living out their calling:

“My mentor affirmed my own calling. She was present for me and taught me how to live through anguish and live with joy.”

“Her life is one of radical hospitality. She’s opened herself, her heart and her home to everyone.”

“She was a mentor to all of us. It is who she is. It is who she cannot help but be.”

“He’s doing work that is unsung, unheralded and, some would even say, unwarranted. He helps us get a whiff of our essence and we cannot help but be changed.”

Some common themes from our stories were:

  • The people in our stories inspired us to be better and to grow and live out our own calling.
  • People who live out their calling seem to be reflecting their true, authentic self.
  • Living out your calling and being your true self does not come without pain.


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