Discernment & Callings | Winston-Salem, NC

We heard some great stories from people in our group about ministry leaders, neighbors, regular people and community leaders.

Some memorable quotes about those we saw as living out their calling:

  • “Discernment continues throughout our life.”
  • “He comes alive by being what he needed when he was young.”
  • In response to someone experiencing their calling, one guest said, “I was struck by lightning.” His pastor replied, “No, you were struck by grace.”
  • “She is connected to the community in deep and intimate ways and encourages us to ‘vote with our feet.’”
  • “He involved himself in the problem.”
  • “He is doing something many people couldn’t fathom doing.”
  • “Your energy and passion are connected to who you are.”
  • “You are continually discerning your call. Calling evolves.”

In addition, several themes emerged from our conversation:

  • Clarity – our calling is continually being revealed;
  • Doing good;
  • Diversity of platforms;
  • The need to lean into the process of discerning your call.

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