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Developing Champions | Dallas, TX

Our discussion on mentors and coaches led to many of us sharing key people that were pivotal in shaping who we are today. Some important words that were brought up on numerous occasions during the discussion were: influence, belief, inspiration, impact and patience.

  • A guest discussed his mentor, who was instrumental in his development as a hospital administrator. The mentor made an investment in the guest, showing him how to be a selfless leader, which he wants to pass onto others.
  • A guest shared about her father’s constant display of hard work throughout her life. From growing up in poverty to still working to open new ventures today, it was impactful.   
  • A guest spoke on the high school teachers she had who truly cared about her and taught her about preparation. This led to her desire to be a mentor for those whom she can help.  
  • A guest talked about her time working for a boss who had very high expectations of her, which in turn prepared her for when she was running her own business.  
  • Finally, a guest shared his ‘evolution of mentors,’ which helped teach him to believe in himself, to put in hard work and to realize his full potential.  

Leadership & Character | Atlanta, GA

Neville Selfie

We were strangers who came together with the common bond of Wake Forest University, and we left with a new set of friends and perspectives. We shared stories of ourselves, our children, nieces and friends.

Our conversation focused on the importance of face-to-face interaction, “quiet” character and the impact of our character on those around us. We talked about how we objectify and define character. There were common words and phrases shared throughout the night such as strength, empathy, respect, authenticity and integrity.

We discussed character in the context of political figures and professional athletes. We also agreed that many examples of leaders with good character did things that weren’t popular and perhaps risky.

Discernment & Callings | Winston-Salem, NC

We heard some great stories in our group. We heard about neighbors, Girl Scout leaders, mentors, pastors and sisters.  Here are some memorable quotes about those who we saw as living out their calling:

“My mentor affirmed my own calling. She was present for me and taught me how to live through anguish and live with joy.”

“Her life is one of radical hospitality. She’s opened herself, her heart and her home to everyone.”

“She was a mentor to all of us. It is who she is. It is who she cannot help but be.”

“He’s doing work that is unsung, unheralded and, some would even say, unwarranted. He helps us get a whiff of our essence and we cannot help but be changed.”

Some common themes from our stories were:

  • The people in our stories inspired us to be better and to grow and live out our own calling.
  • People who live out their calling seem to be reflecting their true, authentic self.
  • Living out your calling and being your true self does not come without pain.


Discernment & Callings | Winston-Salem, NC

We heard some great stories from people in our group about ministry leaders, neighbors, regular people and community leaders.

Some memorable quotes about those we saw as living out their calling:

  • “Discernment continues throughout our life.”
  • “He comes alive by being what he needed when he was young.”
  • In response to someone experiencing their calling, one guest said, “I was struck by lightning.” His pastor replied, “No, you were struck by grace.”
  • “She is connected to the community in deep and intimate ways and encourages us to ‘vote with our feet.’”
  • “He involved himself in the problem.”
  • “He is doing something many people couldn’t fathom doing.”
  • “Your energy and passion are connected to who you are.”
  • “You are continually discerning your call. Calling evolves.”

In addition, several themes emerged from our conversation:

  • Clarity – our calling is continually being revealed;
  • Doing good;
  • Diversity of platforms;
  • The need to lean into the process of discerning your call.

Leadership & Character | Winston-Salem, NC

  • As we discussed character and leadership, the most common phrase voiced over nine times was “doing the right thing.” Another thread woven throughout our responses was that character is learned from those around us – often family members, but also friends and mentors.
  • Snapshots of character and leadership were shared with stories of fathers, grandparents, wives, friends, ministers and presidents.
  • Character is doing the right thing, regardless of praise and often at a sacrifice.
  • The idea of “resumé” virtues versus “eulogy” virtues was noted. We thoughtfully considered a few of our Wake Forest heroes who have led lives of character: Porter Byrum, Chris Paul and Coach Tom Walter.
  • When asked what advice we might give current students, there was enthusiastic agreement among the table to get involved, savor the time, build relationships with all types of people, and  “live fearlessly in pursuit of yourself.”