Several Wake Foresters, primarily students, gathered over dinner on February 15, 2017, to discuss the many qualities that make the Wake Forest community “feel like home.”

Our conversation, which emerged from the initial question, was very constructive and unfolded organically. Several of us shared aspects of Wake Forest that made us feel at home (shared intellectual interests; conversations with peers, including those we disagree with; feeling supported and recognized by others; particular groups or organizations where we feel a sense of belonging). Some of us shared occasions when we have not felt at home at Wake Forest – for example, when we have felt alienated by the Greek system.

We spent a significant portion of time talking about the effects of technology on conversation and community. Some in the group, particularly students, showed a keen awareness of how their digital lives were shaping how they engaged (or failed to engage) with others, and some even shared stories of how they deliberated disconnecting digitally or considered having dinners with strangers to facilitate more meaningful conversation.

We concluded by discussing what we could do to make Wake Forest a more welcoming home for all of us. Several members of our group said they wanted to host similar conversations with other students in order to encourage the spirit of conversation and sharing that defined our evening.

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Wayne Moore Ph.D. '69 says:


Thanks for your Call To Conversation card.

I’m Wayne Moore Ph.D. ’69. I studied at Wake for my Masters in Physics with Prof. Bob Brehme 50 years ago. I now live with my wife Patti in Las Vegas, NV. We are thinking of hosting a Conversation at our home and would like you to provide a list of all the WFU alumni living in Las Vegas and Henderson, NV and the surrounding areas in Nevada. We intend to reach out to them and discuss getting together at our home soon.

It will be interesting meeting with our fellow alumni friends. Looking forward to hearing from you.

My Best,

Wayne Moore Ph.D.
(805) 452-4820
10120 W. Flamingo Rd. #4307
Las Vegas, NV 89147