A group of Wake Forest staff team members from several departments within University Advancement gathered over lunch on March 17, 2017, in Alumni Hall on the University campus to discuss leading a life that matters.

We began our discussion with each participant sharing what we know now that we wish we had known when we were 18 years old. Themes emerged around the possibility of teaching someone what had been gained through experience. Experience brings authenticity to teaching, which helps others learn and grow, but ultimately students have to find strengths and values within themselves. Empathy was an important theme.

Our group discussion turned to life milestones: turning 18, marriage, kids, retirement. One particular idea that resonated with our group was that people have the ability to recreate themselves throughout life and creates “texture.”

Our conversation concluded with each of us sharing what we would take away from the conversation. Some of the takeaways included the importance of living in the moment, being mindful of others, making space to grow, trusting your gut and being bold, and being an active participant in life.