Members of Wake Forest’s School of Divinity Board of Visitors gathered over dinner on October 19, 2017, in Reynolda Hall on the campus of Wake Forest University to discuss discernment and callings. We shared some great stories about ministry leaders, neighbors, everyday people and community leaders.

Our group offered some memorable remarks about people we perceived as living out their calling:

  • “Discernment continues throughout our lives.”
  • “He comes alive by being what he needed when he was young.”
  • In response to someone who realized his calling, one guest said, “I was struck by lightning.” His pastor replied, “No, you were struck by grace.”
  • “She is connected to the community in deep and intimate ways and encourages us to ‘vote with our feet.’”
  • “He involved himself in the problem.”
  • “He is doing something many people couldn’t fathom doing.”
  • “Your energy and passion are connected to who you are.”
  • “You are continually discerning your call. Calling evolves.”

In addition, several themes emerged from our conversation:

  • Clarity – your calling is continually being revealed.
  • Your calling means doing good.
  • Your calling reveals itself through a diversity of platforms.
  • There is a need to lean into the process of discerning your calling.