A group of Wake Foresters gathered over dinner in Wake Forest, North Carolina, on April 6, 2018, to discuss legacy.

What a special place to have our meal- the Calvin Jones House- it seemed that everyone had some connection to our gathering place whether first hand, through a family connection, or a University connection. We could not imagine a better place to inspire and ignite our conversation on traditions and legacy.

Even though we shared varying stories about our favorite tradition (and even contemplated the difference between a tradition and habit) most of conversation shared common themes and even the same words. We heard family, sharing, remembering, generation to generation, influencing, and support.

Perhaps what we found most insightful (and delightful) was our conversation continued around how traditions can build, become, and leave a legacy. We loved our comments about how the interpretation of legacy can make us reflective of the past and hopeful for the future. We believe we all gave some thought to the responsibility we have to show respect and preserve the legacy that has been left for us and think critically about the legacy we are leaving for generations to come.