Group photo from the Call to Conversation dinner in Atlanta, Georgia on August 16, 2018


A group of Wake Foresters gathered over dinner in Atlanta, GA on August 16, 2018 to discuss Leadership & Character.

Prominent themes shared throughout the evening:

  • Character is a long game and it can be taught and relearned throughout life.
  • Character is trust, empathy, caring, selflessness, helping others, “compassionate candor,” and doing what’s right when no one is looking.
  • Character can be exhibited as going against the grain and out of your comfort zone.

We talked at length about leadership characteristics of CEO’s and people in positions of power. Winston Churchill was a subject of our conversation as well as the exemplary demonstrations of high quality character in our teachers, mentors, colleagues and family. We agreed that good character doesn’t require perfection, rather a commitment to seeing things through the eyes of others.

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Doug Powell says:

Thanks to Mark Petersen and Marianne Minton for their leadership. All had a great time.