Group photo from the C2C in Baltimore, MD on October 9, 2018

A group of Wake Foresters gathered over dinner in Baltimore, MD on October 9, 2018 to discuss Leadership & Character.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

We discussed many examples and representations of good character and leadership, but we also discussed scenarios where people do not demonstrate these qualities. We had some interesting conversation about how to define good character and good leadership and how to manifest these qualities in ourselves and others and where these traits are instilled (home, school, work).

Some themes I noticed as we talked:

  • Defining good character and leadership can sometimes be difficult but is often easy to recognize.
  • Not all leaders reflect good character or good leadership – our society sometimes values other qualities when promoting leaders.
  • The words “kindness” and “truthfulness” and “courage” came up multiple times when describing good character and leadership.