Group photo from C2C in Pikesville, MD on October 24, 2018

A group of Wake Foresters gathered over dinner in Pikesville, MD on October 24, 2018 to discuss Leadership & Character.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

  • We looked at leadership and character through the lens of our own lived experience, sharing stories of people that have touched our lives – from housekeepers to coaches, colleagues to the school lunch lady.
  • One of the themes that ran through the meeting was altruism. In so many of the stories, where we saw leadership and character was in the willingness of individuals to put the interests of others above their self-interest.
  • Another theme that stood out was gratitude. Not only did the people we identified as leaders inspire gratefulness in the lives of the people they touched, but they also lived their own lives in this same spirit.
  • We also discussed how character and leadership are formed. Rather than seeing these as traits that you are born with, our group felt that these traits are learned. It is in modeling and embodying these traits that we “teach” them to others.