Four groups of Undergraduate Students, Faculty, and Staff gathered over lunch for the Organizational Summit in Benson Center on Sunday, February 10, 2019, to discuss Community.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

  • Our conversation centered around community and how we can be more inclusive of others in the communities we are already in
  • Intentionally making people feel included and involved in a community
  • Understanding that everyone has something unique and different to bring to the table
  • Understanding that it takes time to find and/or build your community
  • We talked a great deal about how to instill virtue and guide our peers towards better choices
  • We connected this to our personal lives, in addition to current events both nationally and at Wake Forest.
  • Our conversation focused on a time when we were a leader in our community. How did we contribute, and how did we make others feel valuable?
  • A recurring theme in our conversation, whether we were trying to host the first prom in our city to leading large student organizations, was that taking risk and being vulnerable are attributes necessary when taking leadership. Many of us touched on experiences when we asked others for help or took on projects that either had the chance to fail or did fail
  • We talked a bit about taking care of ourselves, even as we shoulder a great responsibility. It seemed most of us agreed that both our own and others’ personal wellbeing are important