Group photo from the C2C on March 29, 2019 in WS. NC

A group of Wake Forest alumni gathered over dinner in Winston-Salem, NC on March 29, 2019 to discuss Community.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

  • Our conversation was best summarized when a participant said, “Your community is in your hands.” Community is complicated, and it takes hard work and authenticity to build. Community is not the same for everyone.
  • Community is like trust – hard come by and easy to lose.
  • We spent a great deal of time talking about how communities can transition with our lives – our WFU community, our professional community, our geographic community, etc. Some communities we must work harder to maintain due to life changes. Building community can also become more difficult.
  • Community can have generational differences, particularly when considering the reliance on social media/technology by younger generations. We also questioned how authentic a community can be on platforms that are inherently artificial.
  • We discussed identity and community at great length, particularly how our personal identities can help or hinder our ability to move into new communities.