Wake Women's weekend group photo 2

A group of Wake Forest Women gathered over dessert in Farrell Hall on the Reynolda Campus as part of Wake Women’s Weekend on March 1, 2019 to discuss Strength.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

  • There was commonality across the anecdotes that we shared that each of our stories involved a bold choice that provided each of us an opportunity to change something – a career, thought, fear, perspective, etc.
  • There was a shared sentiment about the topic that we all seemed to agree on that our individual outcomes were successful but only arrived at that conclusion once we were able to overcome our self-doubt.
  • A dinner conversation among Wake Foresters inevitable touches on the University and campus culture. One connection made back to Wake Forest was the anecdote about the bell tower of Wait Chapel. A few other connections made back to Wake Forest were the strong relationships we made in those formative collegiate years and the roles those individuals played in our lives.
  • Here is list of words that we created to summarize our experiences we shared: scary, unexpected, eye-opening, brave, bold, preparing, agonizing, adventure, purposeful, crazy, and grateful.