Wake Women's Weekend group 7

A group of Wake Forest Women gathered over dessert in Farrell Hall on the Reynolda Campus as part of Wake Women’s Weekend on March 1, 2019 to discuss Strength.

Overview and highlights of our Call to Conversation:

  • We dug deeply and honored one another with stories of renewal after loss; of challenges – funny to huge, met with courage and guts; of reaching for support systems; and of being open to new areas of centering and peace.
  • We discovered that women DO — things we didn’t know we could do. When vulnerable, our fallback is inherent wisdom. Though often a lonely place, we intuitively act from strength and courage.
  • We catch, grow from each glimpse, and love the touch of humanity. We discussed how we thrive on human connection — at levels deeper, perhaps, than do men.
  • We seek and trust credible process, through the unknown.
  • We are tough but know need — grateful for those authentically willing to help.
  • Experience has shaped us into higher capacity, resilient survivors. We see importance in going and achieving outside our comfort zone . . . We pay that knowledge forward . . . we cultivate hope.