A group of Undergraduate and Graduate Students, along with Faculty Fellows, gathered over dinner on Monday, April 29, 2019, to discuss “Integrity.”

Our Question: “What does integrity mean to you and who do you see as embodying integrity in your life?”
  • Integrity seems to show up as a sense of “wholeness in one’s life.” It is about consistency in living according to your values.
  • It doesn’t always seem that our culture (both on campus and more broadly) supports or encourages integrity, which can make it harder to nurture it within ourselves
  • Integrity helps us to accept responsibility for our choices and behaviors, as well as to act with honor and trustworthiness.
  • Having good examples of integrity around us helps us to develop our own integrity, so it matters that we choose who we spend our time with wisely.
  • Integrity is about living by our values as much as we can; it’s not about being perfect.