A group of Undergraduate and Graduate Students and Faculty gathered over dinner on Thursday, April 11, 2019, to discuss “Money and Values” with Professors Michelle Steward and Hugh Howards.

A few of the highlights of our Call to Conversation include:

Highlight 1: Our views on money are firmly rooted in an extended family history.

Highlight 2:  People around us often believe that they have the “best” way to manage money, and seem very convinced of that path. But, sometimes that conviction is not coupled with an open mind to consider alternatives.

Highlight 3: Money can offer a variety of outcomes, from status to security. Ultimately, we might benefit from asking ourselves (and being intentional about) how we might use money to express our values.

Highlight 4: We can sometimes be frustrated when others are not aligned with our values. Instead of being frustrated, we might find it more valuable to ask and learn why others do what they do.