A group of Wake Forest University Scholars and Dr. French gathered over dinner on Tuesday, April 16, 2019, to discuss “Pro Humanitate.”

Overview: Our conversation centered on deliberating the true meaning of our school’s motto, Pro Humanitate.

  • Highlight 1: We all agreed that this motto should include service, but the mission of the school should not revolve solely around service.
  • Highlight 2: Serious room for improvement within our lofty motto exists in fostering a connection with the Winston-Salem community, especially in a non-paternalistic manner.
  • Highlight 3: The mission of Pro Humanitate can only be accomplished if we seek to hear the voices that are perpetually silenced.  Only then can we understand the full picture.
  • Highlight 4: We tossed around the idea of creating a program to engage Wake Forest students with the city of Winston-Salem, and we especially wrestled with the debate over how/where such a program could be executed properly.