A group of Undergraduate Students and Staff gathered over dinner on Thursday, April 25, 2019, to discuss “Women in Leadership.”

Here are an overview and some highlights from our Call to Conversation:

  • Many of us cited our moms as the very first example of women in leadership. We discussed ideas of women as leaders of communities and how that might look different from men in leadership.
  • A lot of our discussion centered around the question of whether or not women work harder than men. Many of you shared experiences across disciplines of women having to earn their place or defend the space they take up.
  • We concluded with a challenge to be the “badass women” who take up space unapologetically and create room for other women to do the same.
  • We had an insightful conversation about what women in leadership mean to each of us, and how certain stigmas and pressures can sometimes make you feel like you’re carrying the weight of womankind on your shoulders. Here are some highlights of our conversation:
  • We discussed knowing our worth and how to stand assertively, not waiting for someone to tell us what to do but rather taking action
  • We talked about how you can be a leader in little ways, and that all that matters is your own personal happiness with who you are and what you do
  • We discussed how to approach leadership in changing times, and all agreed that following your passion will lead you in the right direction
  • Lastly, we concluded with our takeaways. We’re all unique and are all capable of many things, and we all agreed that we must build up women along the way.